How To Makeup A Missed Meeting?

Thank you for choosing Rotary E-Club of the South, USA as a place to make-up the meeting you missed at your own club.

Rotary E-Club of the South, USA is an internet based club that does not draw on a local community for support of our service projects. As a result, the Make-Up Programs on our website are the primary fundraising means we have to support Rotary initiated service projects across the globe. So, in the spirit of Rotarian service, we ask that you please consider making a donation that would be equal to the price of your Weekly Rotary Meeting.

Please visit our Meeting Make-Up page and upon creating an account then completing your makeup program, fill out the form on the bottom and click submit.  We will make sure you can properly receive credit for your attendance as a "Meeting Make-up" by sending both you and your Rotary Club Secretary notification.  We welcome you to come back as you will have an active account and can participate by attending any meetings when necessary. 

Thank you again for visiting our E-Club and we welcome you back anytime. 


Rotary Attendance and Make-Up Policies

The purpose of this is to clarify the Rotary Make-up rules.


This is the text from Rotary International’s Manual of Procedure:

 (a) Attendance Percentages. A member must

(1) attend or make up at least 60 percent of club regular meetings in each half of the year;

(2) attend at least 30 percent of this club’s regular meetings in each half of the year.

(b) If a member fails to attend as required, the member’s membership shall be subject to termination unless the board consents to such non-attendance for good cause.

(c) Consecutive Absences. Unless otherwise excused by the board for good and sufficient reason or pursuant to article 8, sections 3 or 4, each member who fails to attend or make up four consecutive regular meetings shall be informed by the board that the member’s non-attendance may be considered a request to terminate membership in this club. Thereafter, the board, by a majority vote, may terminate the member’s membership.